Underwater Photography

Underwater magic

Ok, there is no secret these sessions are my favourites, I just adore mothers-to-be, although some (ahem "most") complain about how big they feel, I see them all oh-so-stunning, the glow I see radiating out of a future mom is incredible! then, you mix that with the feeling I get going underwater, the muted sound, the weightless feeling and nothing else but the mom, the water and my camera and there you go! underwater photography is the definition of perfection for me!!! :) 

I hope you like these as much as I do...

Toronto Underwater Maternity Session

Being a girl raised close to the ocean made me love being in the water, a pool, the beach, a river, anything where I could jump in and mute all the sounds surrounding me made me extremely happy, it's like I could hear myself better, forget about my problems and enjoy life.

Now being a maternity and newborn photographer I get to share for a few minutes that special moment in someone's beginning of their lives and getting to photograph that moment underwater makes me even happier; it is like both worlds collide and I feel so lucky!

If you are pregnant I would invite you to enjoy this underwater experience with me, it will be totally worth it, I promise.

oohhh... that underwater feeling, some say they feel the lightest in their whole pregnancy during these sessions

dads should jump in too on these wonderful underwater experience, who said maternity sessions are only for moms? :)